Gifs, glorious gifs. Dedicated to the tiny graphic miracles that bring a little more joy to life.

I didn’t really understand what was going in this scene when I watched the movie when I was young. 

But going back and seeing it once again when I’m older made me picked up what was really going on. 

Imagine yourself, taken away from your home & your loved ones to a foreign strange place. Tall fences, hard dry ground instead of green flowing pastures. Bound and tugged by ropes. 

As he watched hundreds of his kind restrained and rode like common beasts, it was then Spirit realized that this was to be his fate. 

To be bound into slavery and never be able to return home again. 

Ball’s up! 

Better get your head in the game or they’ll wipe the floor with you. 

Our Eyes Are Up Here, Dipshit. 

Our Eyes Are Up Here, Dipshit. 

Spirit’s shock and confusion as he enters the camp.